AVX Awarded US Army Data Refinement and Reduction for Aviation Sustainment Contract

By Steve Schultz | February 13, 2023

On 09 Nov 2022 AVX Aircraft Company, Benbrook, TX was awarded a contract in support of U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) for Data Refinement and Reduction for Aviation Sustainment (DRRAS).  AVX in collaboration with Texas Tech University (TTU) Institute for Materials, Manufacturing and Sustainment (IMMS) and Penn State University (PSU) Applied Research Laboratory…

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AVX awarded US Army contract to develop All-Electric Flight Control System

By Steve Schultz | November 11, 2022

On 07 Oct 2022 AVX Aircraft Company, Benbrook, TX was awarded a contract to continue development of an All Electric Flight Control System (AEFCS) in support of U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM).  AVX in collaboration with Moog Inc., East Aurora, NY is developing the AEFCS using state of the art electro-mechanical actuator technologies…

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Congratulations to Julian Schneider

By Steve Schultz | August 18, 2022

Congratulations to Julian Schneider (right) for completing his 3-month internship with AVX Aircraft.  Julian is entering his Senior Year at UTA this Fall, majoring in Computer Engineering.  Pictured with Corey Pearce, AVX Program Manager, Julian worked on Corey’s FleetSpace team, developing cutting edge Mission and Maintenance Planning Software for the U.S. Army.  In only three…

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AVX Aircraft Showcases FleetSpace Technology at Army’s EDGE22

By Steve Schultz | May 26, 2022

Future vertical lift technology is here. Much focus is on the Army’s selection of the next generation’s attack and recon aircraft.  History suggests costs to sustain these aircraft over the next 30 years will be about 70 percent of the total life-cycle costs, therefore, New Innovative Sustainment Technologies will play a key role in the…

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US Army Edge 22

By Steve Schultz | April 25, 2022

AVX supporting Army Aviation at Edge 22 AVX Aircraft in partnership with Texas Tech University and Penn State are proud to support US Army Futures Command at Edge 22.  AVX will be proudly revealing FLEETSPACE, an      AI-enabled, digital dashboard designed to optimize flight operations mission and maintenance planning.

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AVX to Display at AAAA 2022

By Steve Schultz | March 22, 2022

AAAA is here! AVX Aircraft will proudly display at this year’s Army Aviation Association of America (AAAA) Annual Summit in Nashville, TN. Please visit us at booth #2817 on the showroom floor. The US Army Aviation Community depends on AVX for developing cutting edge technologies across all three aspects of our business: S&T, UAS, and…

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AVX RECON Prototype First Transition to Airplane Mode

By Steve Schultz | February 22, 2022

AVX Recon UAS Prototype successfully made its first transition to Airplane Mode on 15 February at a local test site west of Ft. Worth.  The aircraft performed a vertical take-off, was incredibly stable in a hover, and made a full transition to airplane mode, flying for several minutes before returning to the landing zone where…

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Congratulations to AVX’s John Busch

By Steve Schultz | February 10, 2022

Congratulations to AVX’s John Busch, Principal Structures Engineer, who was recognized in VERTIFLITE Magazine for his presentation of an “All-bonded Airframe Structure” during a recent Vertical Flight Society (VFS) Specialist Conference in Hampton, VA. AVX is working with Huntsman and Northrop Grumman, leveraging work performed on the US Army “Surface Tolerant Adhesive for Bonded Airframe…

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AVX Awarded Contract for AFWERX High Speed VTOL Challenge

By Steve Schultz | February 5, 2022

AVX was awarded a contract teamed with Continuum Dynamics, Inc (CDI), based in Ewing, NJ to support the development of state-of-the art, high-speed Vertical Take-Off and Landing (VTOL) solutions needed to increase speed and optimize agility of tilt-rotor aircraft in austere environments.   According to Chris Stoke, AVX Engineering, “we are looking forward to exploring new…

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RECON Makes First Flight

By Steve Schultz | February 1, 2022

AVX Aircraft Company successfully demonstrated first flight of its Rotor Enhanced Combat Observation Node (RECON) technology demonstrator this month at a test site near company headquarters in Benbrook, TX.  Several hover tests were conducted to evaluate VTOL capabilities and handling qualities of the design.  The 2/3 scale prototype was developed in response to US Army…

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