AVX Awarded US Army Data Refinement and Reduction for Aviation Sustainment Contract

On 09 Nov 2022 AVX Aircraft Company, Benbrook, TX was awarded a contract in support of U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command (DEVCOM) for Data Refinement and Reduction for Aviation Sustainment (DRRAS).  AVX in collaboration with Texas Tech University (TTU) Institute for Materials, Manufacturing and Sustainment (IMMS) and Penn State University (PSU) Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) are developing advanced statistical techniques and processes to better analyze and improve the accuracy of available Army maintenance data to enable better, data-driven decisions.  Kendall Goodman, AVX President states “AVX is excited to support the US Army’s challenge of dealing with data overload through the efforts of the DRRAS program.  These innovative technologies are critical to the future of Army Aviation Sustainment with a focus on increasing operational readiness and reducing life cycle cost.”

In Phase I of the program, the team developed and demonstrated a digital dashboard that synthesized, integrated, and displayed data from multiple sources.  This follow-on effort extends existing research and development to the evaluation of Condition Based Monitoring (CBM) data.  Aaron Camele, AVX Director of Sustainment adds “the objective is to improve access to real-time assessment of critical asset performance to better track utilization, component health, and anticipate maintenance issues to prevent asset failure, reduce risk, increase productivity, and lower costs”.  -END

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