Congratulations to AVX’s John Busch

Congratulations to AVX's John Busch, Principal Structures Engineer, who was recognized in VERTIFLITE Magazine for his presentation of an "All-bonded Airframe Structure" during a recent Vertical Flight Society (VFS) Specialist Conference in Hampton, VA. AVX is working with Huntsman and Northrop Grumman, leveraging work performed on the US Army "Surface Tolerant Adhesive for Bonded Airframe Structures" program. The presentation focused on application of advanced materials and manufacturing techniques to reduce weight and cost of VTOL aircraft. KUDOS John!

AVX Aircraft, a formidable competitor in US Army Future Armed Reconnaissance Aircraft (FARA) program, is leveraging decades of aircraft design experience to compete in the military UAS market.

AVX President Kendall Goodman highlights “We brought this design to life after listening to our customer’s capability needs. The RECON UAS will be a disruptive force that achieves the customer’s most stressing missions. This VTOL UAS platform will deliver significantly greater range, speed and payload to the warfighters of tomorrow”.

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